SEO Heros


The SEO Hero Competition of Wix has its final this week.
All exciting to see who can beat wix and what SEO techniques are being used, plus which techniques actually bring in results.


Short History of SEO


SEO or an extension of the (Search Engine Optimization) is a method or technique to create a website or blog in page / position one in the search engines (search engines) like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

According to Danny Sullivan, search engine optimization or SEO is a term first used on July 26, 1997, by a spam message posted on Usenet. At that time the search engine algorithms are not too complex so easily manipulated.

The early versions of search algorithms based entirely on information provided by the webmaster via meta tags in the HTML code of their website. Meta tags provide information about the content contained on a web page with a set of keywords (keyword).

Most webmasters do manipulation by a keyword that does not correspond to the actual site content so that search engines seem to have misplaced and rank those sites. This causes the search results to be inaccurate and have caused losses for both search engines as well as for Internet users expect relevant and quality information.


Advantages of Doing SEO


There are many advantages of doing SEO, such as:

1. Generating Traffic Much
We all know when your website or blog is on the first page on Search Engine it will bring very large visitors (Traffic), depending on the keywords that we target and the size of the data results from Google Planner.

2. Increase Sales
If a site sells a product or goods such as Amazon selling various items such as a laptop or another, then if there are people who search on the internet with the keyword “selling cheap handphone” then the site rank 1, then it will get a 95% Amazon sales of the SEO results.

3. Enhance Competitiveness
It’s easy to gain SEO if the position of a site higher then automatically the competitiveness would be more difficult. There are many more advantages of SEO is that I did not mention all because I believe just with those three things above you already know about the benefits of SEO.


A couple Tips to Make an SEO-Friendly Blog


Making an SEO-friendly blog is not an easy task, it’s because that you need to have the uncertain knowledge of the SEO, or always so many version of understanding between one person with another. Moreover, there are many bloggers who claimed that their SEO is a correct one. Learning the SEO is not easy, however, the main point of all of the reputable SEO masters is mostly similar. We’d like to share some simple SEO tricks and we also want to share the easy, simple and effective way to learn about the SEO.

Here are the couple tips that you need to know in order to make an SEO-friendly blog :

1. Mastered the theme of your blog

The reason of why this point is on the number one is, that most of the bloggers fail because that they don’t mastered about the theme of their blog. It’s true that in the beginning, they’re able to make the amazing articles. However, as time goes by, after the three months, it is certain that they would be confused or run out of ideas for their blog. We need to understand how to choose a good blog theme so we can develop our blog

2. Make the original articles and not plagiarism

This is a very important point in order to make an SEO-friendly blog. Why? It’s because the content of a blog is the determining factor, whether a blog is good or bad. It is that simple! Everyone must be agreed that a blog which could give the necessary solution to the people who need it is a blog that’s being hunted on the google. So that the original and excellent articles would get many recommendations. That’s why, if you’re mastering the theme of your blog, you won’t be confused to make the excellent and original blogs.


Benefits of Using SEO For Your Online Presence


New to SEO? Or are you looking for the beginner’s guide? Regardless of your main need, the internet can help you answer your questions. Even though search engine optimization has been around people for a long time, but there are still many people who still use the conventional way to market their business. Well, it is not a matter because SEO can keep its popularity due to its work and its benefits. By being aware that you are newbie to the optimization world, we are sure that you have the reason to read this article. SEO is more than just about building search engine-friendly website.

The good thing about searche engine optimization is that this will work both for small and big business regarding the business type. Generally speaking, SEO works to help your business stays on the high ranking position that people can find on the first page. We can’t deny that people in the modern society love to benefit from the presence of the internet. Whatever the service or product they are looking for, they typically involve the sesarch engine to get fast result. When search engine shows many result for the seearch of someone, your website will be on the first page.

Have the thought that online marketing requires a lot of money? While it is right, you will get better return on investment (ROI). When your SEO work even very well, you will be able to convert the visitor of your site to be prospective buyers. Additionally, SEO is one of cost effective service for any kind of online business and site. On the other words, the amount of money to hire this service will not as much as you think.

Online presence is very important for those who run online business. When more and more people can find your site easily through the search engine, they will tell their friends how good site is. Not only that, they will come back to your site once getting the product or service that meets their needs. Furthermore, this gives good impact, which means that you can create brand awareness. For most, spending a lot of time to get what they are looking for isn’t good. Visiting your site and making a purchase decision means that people start to trust you. Once more, when someone gets best quality from your business, they will come back to you. We can say that building brand awareness is as simple as that when SEO works for you.