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Advantages of Doing SEO


There are many advantages of doing SEO, such as:

1. Generating Traffic Much
We all know when your website or blog is on the first page on Search Engine it will bring very large visitors (Traffic), depending on the keywords that we target and the size of the data results from Google Planner.

2. Increase Sales
If a site sells a product or goods such as Amazon selling various items such as a laptop or another, then if there are people who search on the internet with the keyword “selling cheap handphone” then the site rank 1, then it will get a 95% Amazon sales of the SEO results.

3. Enhance Competitiveness
It’s easy to gain SEO if the position of a site higher then automatically the competitiveness would be more difficult. There are many more advantages of SEO is that I did not mention all because I believe just with those three things above you already know about the benefits of SEO.