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A couple Tips to Make an SEO-Friendly Blog


Making an SEO-friendly blog is not an easy task, it’s because that you need to have the uncertain knowledge of the SEO, or always so many version of understanding between one person with another. Moreover, there are many bloggers who claimed that their SEO is a correct one. Learning the SEO is not easy, however, the main point of all of the reputable SEO masters is mostly similar. We’d like to share some simple SEO tricks and we also want to share the easy, simple and effective way to learn about the SEO.

Here are the couple tips that you need to know in order to make an SEO-friendly blog :

1. Mastered the theme of your blog

The reason of why this point is on the number one is, that most of the bloggers fail because that they don’t mastered about the theme of their blog. It’s true that in the beginning, they’re able to make the amazing articles. However, as time goes by, after the three months, it is certain that they would be confused or run out of ideas for their blog. We need to understand how to choose a good blog theme so we can develop our blog

2. Make the original articles and not plagiarism

This is a very important point in order to make an SEO-friendly blog. Why? It’s because the content of a blog is the determining factor, whether a blog is good or bad. It is that simple! Everyone must be agreed that a blog which could give the necessary solution to the people who need it is a blog that’s being hunted on the google. So that the original and excellent articles would get many recommendations. That’s why, if you’re mastering the theme of your blog, you won’t be confused to make the excellent and original blogs.